Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quiet Frustration

This post is for 3/28/13 which was Thursday.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I only have one, two hour class to stay silent in.  That one simple class is Physics which is normally perfect because our professor has three days of lecture then one day of lab.  The three days of lecture make it simple for the most part to stay silent in, but today we had a lab.  For our lab we were to create some atom structures using toothpicks and marshmallows(of which I ate 3 hehe).  The lab was somewhat simple and my three group members didn't need my help so I sat and watched.  After finishing the first experiment we were asked to write a thesis on our opinions of global warming.  My group was in heavy debate because the two girls (who believed global warming to be a myth) were arguing with the other guy (who believes global warming to be very real).  It was pretty normal for them to disagree and yell at each other..and pretty comical.  Soon they turned towards me and asked what my opinion was.  Of course I would've agreed with my fellow man, but I couldn't speak.  I held my finger up as if to gesture one moment then dug through my bag.  They asked what I was doing with a huff.  So I pulled out my notebook and wrote 'I can't talk for a few days for my WRT class'.  They looked and asked why, but quickly grew impatient with how long it was taking me to write my thoughts so they said never mind.  They wrote my name at the top of the sheet when we were done, but they weren't really my thoughts.  It was frustrating to be honest.  Normally I don't mind people doing work for me, I really don't.  But I absolutely hated the idea of words on paper saying that I thought 'this' when really I thought 'that'.  If they had just given me time to write as opposed to treating me like a burden I could've expressed my real opinion, but noooooo.  They had no time to wait and it made me more than frustrated, that I was the burden in our group. 

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