Sunday, March 24, 2013


Friday March 22nd was my first day doing my experiment.  I am updating my blog today solely because I realized I never wrote down the initial password and email that I used to create the first account, so I was forced to create a new one.  Day one of my experiment was...a surprise. In many ways I thought that this task would be an easy one.  Especially considering on a daily basis I know people who never talk in their classes, how hard could it be for me?  In classes I found it less the difficult to contain my thoughts, but when on campus (not in class), I had a more than rough time.  Normally between classes I socialize with friends, but it was too hard to keep up with them without my words being spoken.  In place of spoken words I tried to use a notebook and sharpie to express my thoughts, but by the time I had finished writing my sentence the topic had moved on.  It made me feel a bit sad that I couldn't participate, but even more than sad it had made me feel alone.  Even though I stood with friends, my voice was not heard, but the conversation would still go on.  I decided to dismiss the thoughts from my head and move on.  I went to my Spanish class after my short break and simply avoided the questions as I would any other day.  After class I usually go to the "Teke Corner", where my fraternal brothers generally meet up to socialize, but I knew communicating would again be a problem or at the very least a hassle for those who I tried to talk too, so I went home for the day. Whence at home I could speak again, but it did make me wonder about mute people.  Do they feel the loneliness I felt today, on a daily basis? How could anyone deal with that?

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  1. I think this a great experiment, very inspiring. Makes you question things. It would be very fristrating to have to write down all your thoughts but some people go through some what of the same thing every day.